August 2022 Roundup: “Throwback”

This month was hosted by the Carnival on the theme ‘Throwback’, an opportunity to choose any past theme that had been hosted and write about that. Here are the various wonderful submissions we received for it:

Isaac, on their blog “Mundo Heterogéneo”, wrote “Different Levels of Specificity in Labels” for the theme “Variation vs Unity”.

Sildarmillion wrote two submissions: “Relating My Experiences to a Concept in Sociobiology” – ‘throwback to August 2020 “Open Questions for Aromantic Research” – ‘the concept in question is a “pair bond” and I relate my own experiences to it and the general aromantic experience (as I understand it) to it as well’; and “Limerence vs. Love” – ‘throwback to December 2019 “Love” – I’m make the case that love does not necessarily have to be a positive and healthy force; there can be all kinds of love, both healthy and unhealthy; hence it makes no sense to me when people debate whether limerence is a type of love or not’.

Roboticanary wrote “August Carnival of Aros: Aro research throwback” for the theme “Open Questions for Aromantic Research”.

Rachel submitted to the carnival the post “On Being Homeless”, for the theme “House and Home”.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


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