About the Carnival / FAQ

What is a blogging carnival?

blogging carnival is an event in which various people blog around a single topic.  At the end of the carnival, a host blog collects all the links.  It’s a way of encouraging a variety of different voices, and a way to bring attention to blogs that would otherwise go under the radar.

The Carnival of Aros is a monthly blogging carnival centered on aromantic and aro-spec identities and experiences.  Anyone can participate, but responses should deal with aromanticism or the aromantic spectrum, and they should relate to the month’s theme (which is announced each month by the host).  Responses should postdate the call for submissions.  Alternate forms of media besides blogs are also welcome as long as they deal with the prompt.  If you’re not sure whether your piece is okay, submit it anyway and we’ll figure it out.

How do I submit a piece for the carnival?  Where is the current carnival?

At the beginning of each month, the host will post a call for submissions, and announce the theme.  We will also post a link to all calls for submissions here as well. All you need to do is find the call for submissions and follow their instructions.

The current call for submissions can be found in the call for submissions tag.

Does my submission have to be in the form of prose text?

No! While long-form text blogs are the most traditional form of submission for the carnival, we also accept all forms of media including text prose, linkspams, poetry, video, art, or any other format of your choice

Who can participate in the Carnival?

The carnival is open to anyone who personally relates to some aspect of aromanticism.

This may include people who currently identify as aro, people who may have identified as aro in the past, or people who are questioning whether they may want to  identify as aro in the future. It may include people who find the whole concept of a/romanticism confusing or inapplicable but still find some of the narratives useful.

This carnival is also intended to include people all along the aro spectrum, as well as those who may identify with identities sometimes considered “adjacent” to aromanticism.

It also includes anyone with any other type of relationship to aromanticism that I haven’t thought to list yet.

Why should I volunteer to be a host?

Hosting the carnival is an act of good will, but can also benefit you.  If you have a blog (and you must have a blog to volunteer), then hosting a carnival will bring attention to your blog.  You also get to choose the theme (though you do not have to choose a theme until you post the call for submissions).

How do I volunteer to be a host?

Comment on the volunteer to host page, with the month you’d like to host.  Alternatively, you may e-mail carnivalofaros@gmail.com. Let us know your blog url and your e-mail address. (If you leave a comment, we will assume your e-mail is the one you use for commenting.)

The instructions to hosting are simple. At the beginning of your assigned month, you post a call for submissions (here is an example), which should include your chosen theme and some way to contact you.  Shortly after the end of the month, you put up a summary post linking to the submissions (see archives for examples).  Check out this post from our sister carnival for some useful advice.