Volunteer to Host

The Carnival of Aros relies on volunteer hosts to keep the carnival going. Each host is responsible for developing a theme, writing and posting a call for submissions at the beginning of the month, and then writing a wrap-up post with links to all submissions received at the end of the month.

You can host the carnival calls for submission on any public platform of your choice, whether it’s a blog, tumblr, medium, or something else. If you don’t have a platform of your own but would still like to sponsor a monthly prompt, we’re also happy to host you here!

Update: In addition to monthly hosts, we are also looking volunteer(s) to eventually help with coordination of the carnival overall, including messaging and recruiting hosts and reposting links to calls for submissions and round-ups. If you think you might be interested, or if you have questions, comment below or email carnivalofaros@gmail.com.

Why should I volunteer to be a host?

Hosting the carnival is an act of good will, but can also benefit you. If you have a blog, then hosting a carnival can bring attention and new readers to your blog. You also get to choose the theme (though you do not have to choose a theme until you post the call for submissions).

How do I volunteer to be a host?

Comment on the volunteer to host page, with the month you’d like to host. Alternatively, you may e-mail us at carnivalofaros@gmail.com. Let us know your blog url and your e-mail address. (If you leave a comment, we will assume your e-mail is the one you use for commenting.)

The instructions to hosting are simple. At the beginning of your assigned month, you post a call for submissions (see previous examples here), which should include your chosen theme and some way to contact you.  Shortly after the end of the month, you put up a summary post linking to the submissions (see archives for examples).  Check out this post from our sister carnival for some useful advice.

Do I have to volunteer for the next available month?

While we do encourage people to volunteer for the next empty spot when possible, it’s not required! So if, for example, the next open spot is in May but you have finals that month, feel free to request June or July instead!

Current Hosting Schedule:

January 2023: Hiatus

February 2023: Roach-in-the-kitchen

March 2023: Tanisha S

April 2023: [open]

May 2023: [open]

June 2023: aspecs-positivity

July 2023: [open]


  1. Hi! I’d like to volunteer for your next available month. Although I haven’t thought of a topic yet so if it’s March I’ll have to hurry up! I’d be hosting on askanaro.wordpress.com and cross posting to my tumblr ask-an-aro.tumblr.com. My email is lawtonlee@outlook.com.


  2. Hi there! I emailed Sennkestra back in early February but I never heard back, so I thought I’d try leaving a comment here. I’ll be happy to take the next available month to host at my tumblr (it’s kaikiky there too)! My email is kaikiky17@gmail.com.


    1. Hi Kaikiky! I’m not sure what happened, but it looks like I never received your email, so thanks for reaching out again! The current next available month is June – would you like me to go ahead and slot you in then?


  3. I would love to host in the coming new year, when a spot is available.

    A prompt I’m thinking of is “New”: new things aros have learned since becoming part of the community. The prompt may change if someone else has this idea before me, though.

    Thank you very much for facilitating this wonderful event.


  4. hello! i would like to host the next available month! i will almost certainly need a reminder, though, so a followup message at my tumblr would be massively appreciated. i’m zazzmaster5000. thanks!


  5. Hi there! I am interested in hosting a relationship anarchy/polyamory carnival through my tumblr blog menacingaro. I think it would be more thematically placed in February 2021, but I’m able/willing to do it in Oct-Dec 2020! A good email to reach me at is zhizhu@protonmail.com


  6. I have been hoping for years now to host a carnival on the theme of commitment, and I think I’m ready to do it for the Carnival of Aros in whatever future month you next need someone. 🙂


      1. Ha it took me longer to realize the pun than it should’ve. Yes I’m fine with hosting in November! 💚 ( even though that month I’m gonna also do NaNoWriMo and be so busy ahhh lol…) (No it’ll be good. Looking forward to hosting in November!)


  7. Can I do January 2021 with the theme of Aro Fiction in preparation for AroWriMo in February?

    – What do you want to see in Aro Fiction?
    – Have you read Aro Fiction (or other media) that you liked?
    – What do you not want to see in Aro Fiction?
    – What are aromantic nuances and intersections you wish would be expressed in aro fiction?

    I’d be open to broadening it to Aro Expression or Aro Representation


    Liked by 1 person

  8. Looks like a lot of volunteers! I’m willing to volunteer to host for February, March, or April 2021, with the theme “Education”. Some prompts would be things like:

    – What would you like to see in education about aromantic topics?
    – How has being aro impacted your education, or your plans for pursuing an education? How has your high school, college, or onward learning been influenced?
    – When you were becoming educated about aromanticism, how did you learn? What educational resources did you wish you had?
    – Have you ever talked about aro topics in a school setting? Have you ever tried to? Why or why not?
    – How would you think about implementing aro education? In spaces like GSAs or queer groups, social media, schools, museums?

    I’m particularly interested in writing about aromanticism as a factor in the way I pursue my education as a grad student, but education more broadly is a topic that is frequently present and hopefully people have ideas about things to talk about!


  9. Hello! I’m thinking of volunteering to host for Carnival of Aros, not too sure yet, but was wondering how up to date the hosting schedule is. Could you please let me know the next months that are still open/needing a host?


  10. Hi! If you don’t have anything lined up for September, I’d be happy to host on the theme “Back to School” – anything to do with learning/teaching, for example learning about arospec identities, educating people about them, and how being arospec interacts with educational settings.


  11. Hi, I would like to have another go at hosting a carnival sometime in the near future. I have a theme idea and wouldnt mind hosting november or december. if those are booked let me know and i will hold it off till i work out when else in the future is free.


  12. Hey! I’ve just come across this and thought it might be nice to volunteer! Since it’s the start of January and I still am not sure of a theme, can I take February please? If you really need someone for January, I could maybe make one quickly.


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